TA Foundation

TA Foundation has been registered by the Cracow Court on 31 of May 2017 under KRS number 0000680941.

The primary purpose of the Foundation is to promote art and cultural activities, with particular regard to the artistic creativity of women and feminist statements.

Was established in an important time of intensive political manifestations, and, at the same time, on the basis of the individual anxiety and revolt, in the sense of devaluation of attitudes and concepts connected to feminism, with the need to take action. Is the platform for speaking out in one’s own strong voice and for the unconstrained expression of female experience; a strong foundation for alliance, exchange of experiences and affirmative action; protection of one’s rights and dignity; support, activation and debate. Exposure / demythologization of womanhood as resistance to the stories served by the normative patriarchal narrative is our goal.

TA Foundation is rooted in the need to analyse, observe and promote actions focused on feminisms and inspired by them. The field of our interest and actions is feminism which we perceive as activities focused on pro-equality, women empowerment, self-awareness and promotion of good practice in gender relations. We believe that it is in women’s communities that the search for the space of dialogue, empathetic communication and listening – as well as opening this space for Others – is possible. We believe in feminism meaning authorization and solidarity.

The objectives of the TA Foundation have been clarified in the Statute document.

TA Foundation carries is also an exhibitional initiative, working as TA Feminist Gallery. The Foundation and the Gallery has no permanent space nor office. Exhibitions are held in the areas of institutional partners and other galleries.

The Management Board of the Foundation:

Ewa Pasternak-Kapera, President

Anna Chromik, PhD, Vice-president

Karolina Harazim-Mazur, Vice-president


NIP: 6762530946

REGON: 367469474